Dunkey Delivery is a subscription based delivery company that delivers products ranging from food, grocery, pharmacy, laundry, alcohol, Dunkey Ride, and retail. Future services will be Dunkey Ship and Dunkey Fly.

Food Depot brings convenience and comfort food snacks. Food Depot is often connected with local gas stations across the country.

Hair Depot Beauty Supply is an affordable hair store with the latest styles and trends. Franchisee opportunities has expanded Hair Depot as a global operation.

O’Snap Virgin Hair provides its clients with top of the line authentic virgin human hair and exceptional customer service.

Quick Stop Shop Beauty strives to be the trendsetters’ number one destination for all things beauty. Our staff and stylists are committed to bring customers an outstanding value without sacrifice in quality and style.

Uptown Beauty, Inc subsidiaries are Bellano New York, Mood Professional, O’Snap Hair, EdgeBoss and BeardGame. Uptown Beauty manages these companies and is responsible for the global branding of them.

Contact Details:

(404) 476-0405
Office Location:
Atlanta, GA