Who We Are

JN Corporate is a world renowned multinational company. We offer quality products ranging from manufacturing to beauty for our clients. We follow the latest trend while being the innovators in the industry.

We provide top tier support to our clients to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe in our clients success and we make it possible by providing industry standard products.

We are proud to represent our clients by maintaining strategic goals for their business. It’s essential for each business to be prepared for any economic stages. JN Corporate core values brings out the best products and services to our clients.

Our team of experts are experienced in their field ranging from beauty industry, manufacturing, branding and marketing. Diversity has set us apart from the rest and we are continually setting the pace of a global company.

What We Do

JN Corporate extensive experience in the beauty industry for over 20 years bring an unique approach to our clients. The beauty industry is one of the toughest business to get into, due to the highly competitive nature of it. We strategically market our clients’ business by creating innovative trends and styles. Our clients are well aware and prepared to face any adversity. JN team of experts are equipped to guide our clients to success.

Branding is the core of any business. Without the “right” Branding, businesses will fail. In each strategy session, we stress the importance of core Branding. Being congruent across everything presented such as social media, radio, advertising, tv and more is vitally important. Social media is the current trend that reaches to billions of people, however some of the familiar methods is still an effective way to get your brand out to the right audience.

Marketing is the key component in business. Since marketing is similar to branding, it’s often mistaken of doing the same thing. Marketing yield bigger results than Branding and can either make or break your business. JN focuses every aspect of our clients’ business by implementing core strategies that simply works.

Our clients has the biggest advantage by being apart of the JN family. Since we’re one of the top manufacturing companies in the US, they’re able to receive their products right away. Plus, our clients are hands on and this makes the process even better by doing quality check and much more. There is no middle man, it’s simply us.

Contact Details:

(404) 476-0405
Office Location:
Atlanta, GA