JN Corporate is a world renowned multinational company. We offer quality products ranging from manufacturing to beauty for our clients. We follow the latest trend while being the innovators in the industry.

We provide top tier support to our clients to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe in our clients success and we make it possible by providing industry standard products.

We are proud to represent our clients by maintaining strategic goals for their business. It’s essential for each business to be prepared for any economic stages. JN Corporate core values brings out the best products and services to our clients.

Our team of experts are experienced in their field ranging from beauty industry, manufacturing, branding and marketing. Diversity has set us apart from the rest and we are continually setting the pace of a global company.

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JN Corporate 2018 Annual Stockholder Meeting

The “IT” Factor of Branding

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Branding is the lightbulb to your business. It’s the “aha” moment that makes sense to consumer. Branding experts job is paint the picture and show why the consumer should have…

The Global Leader of Business

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Dunkey Delivery is a subscription based delivery company that delivers products ranging from food, grocery, pharmacy, laundry, alcohol, Dunkey Ride, and retail. Future services will be Dunkey Ship and Dunkey Fly.


Food Depot brings convenience and comfort food snacks. Food Depot is often connected with local gas stations across the country.


Hair Depot Beauty Supply is an affordable hair store with the latest styles and trends. Franchisee opportunities has expanded Hair Depot as a global operation.


O’Snap Virgin Hair provides its clients with top of the line authentic virgin human hair and exceptional customer service.


Quick Stop Shop Beauty strives to be the trendsetters’ number one destination for all things beauty. Our staff and stylists are committed to bring customers an outstanding value without sacrifice in quality and style.


Uptown Beauty subsidiaries are Bellano Professional, Mood Professional, O’Snap Hair and Blackout Professional. Uptown Beauty manages these companies and is responsible for the global branding of them.


David OliverFounder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Lisa AndrewsChief Operating Officer

Kate UpshawChief Financial Officer

Dana KrakowskiChief Technology Officer

Christine CoxChief Product Officer

Contact Details:

(404) 476-0405
Office Location:
Atlanta, GA